I am a multi-passionate, creative entrepreneur who loves all things beauty!  I’ve had 30 years of experience in the beauty industry yet my passion isn’t limited to hair.  I am inspired by more than just outer beauty and believe that true beauty starts from the inside. I live a healthy lifestyle which in my world consists of clean eating, exercise, all things personal development and mindset. I'm a big believer in moderation and love to indulge in a great cocktail and yummy foods too!  I'm the girl who goes to yoga (I LOVE HOT YOGA) and then listens to 90's hip hop on the way to the farmers market. My goal is to connect with like minded women who get fired up about collaborating, lifting each other up, are heart centered and have an entrepreneurial spirit with a love for passive income. I'm writing this blog to share all the things that I learn, discover and know in hopes that my stories inspire and remind you that you are beautiful inside and out. <3


Chris Megia