As a haircutting educator, I always advise my students to use the mirror to check their work and the balance because in doing so, we see the true lines and shapes that we are creating that sometimes our eyes don't see when our attention is buried into our work. I always say, "the mirror never lies!" It's amazing what one sees when this is practiced. The lines that we thought were straight are uneven and shapes we thought looked seamless showed areas that needed
to be soften or blended. 

I believe that this is a practice that can be used by everyone in everyday life. A great example is in what is happening in our world due to the outcome of the Presidency election. Regardless of who one voted for, it is apparent that there is a lot of fear, anger and anxiety shown by the judgments placed on the candidates. There was a lot of opinions around the candidates not being true to their word or honorable. I invite everyone to look in the mirror and ask yourself in what ways have YOU not been those things. The saying goes, "If you spot it, you got it." 

If everyone would take personal responsibility and focus on themselves, the world can heal one person at a time. How we relate to the issue is the issue. If instead we choose to accept, hope and believe that positive possibilities do exist, we can shift the collective energy into
a more peaceful and loving place. 

Take a second to look at yourself in the mirror. Honestly assess what is projecting back into your eyes and consciously choose how you can be the change that the world so desperately needs. 

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